Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to get that Look from your Wedding Photos

How do they do that?
Believe it or not, our best photographs are not posed! They are not scripted, they just happen!! This is a few tips for Brides and Grooms that are looking for ways to get natural photos on their wedding day, effortlessly.

The best ways to get great photos from your wedding day:
1. Relax!
Don't sweat the small stuff. Remember, this is your wedding day - the happiest day of your life. If you are worrying about every single thing that goes wrong - you are not going to enjoy your day. So take a deep breath, exhale and relax!

2. Have Fun!
Just laugh and play and have fun! Be yourself! It's that inner beauty wedding photographers want to capture - so let it glow!!

3. Don't worry about your pose - really!
If the photographer asks you to pose a certain way, and you just don't understand or can't do it - don't worry about it! Just laugh it off and just do a silly pose. Of course, if you are trying too hard, it will show and you won't like that photograph anyways - so why stress out over it, right?

4. The most common mistake you can make - NOT touching!
Make sure you can't keep your hands off each other, huh humm, you know what I mean. There is nothing that shows the love and emotion in a photo better than that soft touch of the groom's hand to the bride's chin as he leans in to kiss her, or the bride's hand on his shoulder, etc. We find people are so focused on a pose, they forget to touch with their hands and they just leave them flopped down and hanging. That's not showing the love - so just grab your bride or groom by the hand and start showing the love. That's how you get those photos that make people say, "aww!"

5. Talk to each other and look into each other's eyes!
But don't talk too much - make sure you have a lot of pauses so that your mouth isn't open in all of the photos. We tell our clients to stand in front of each other or sit beside each other - put their hands on each other lovingly, and just talk. They always end up laughing at some point and that is how you get a natural, but loving wedding photo.

6. Again, just act natural!
Don't watch the photographer all day, or all of your photos will be of you looking in the camera. Just focus on your love for each other, and the moment that is happening, and have fun. The photographer will get your attention and let you know if they need you to move or pose.

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